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Training for BOP Technologies (Example)

4. Terms & Conditions

It is believed that the successful and fruitful result of training can be achieved only when the following terms and conditions are fully satisfied.
  • The Customer shall mobilize qualified trainees so that they can understand BOP technologies.
  • The trainees shall be capable of English so as to understand the English lectures and to communicate technical matters by using English language.
  • During the classroom & on-the-job training, the trainees shall strictly follow the instruction of the SMART Power’s trainers.
  • No makeup classes will be provided if trainees miss the class.
  • The teaching materials shall be provided only by hard copy, but not by electronic file and shall not be subject to revision. The teaching materials used during the training will become property of the Customer’s trainees.
  • The training facilities are provided by the SMART Power to the Customer. This training facilities include lecture rooms, a conference room, a praying room, office supplies and clerical assistance, etc.
  • The expenses for accommodation for the trainees shall be borne by the Customer. The SMART Power shall arrange for their accommodation in Korea.
  • The SMART Power will provide the Customer with the necessary insurances to cover any damage, loss, theft, accident to the Customer’s trainees against any harmful claims and liability as may arise from any adversary happening.

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