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Technology Validation

The technology validation project mainly consists of the experimental validation and software validation programs. Experimental validation is to validate the safety and performance of SMART-specific design and components and the software validation is to validate key design tools and methods used in the SMART standard design.

Scopes of validation tests were derived reflecting expert opinion and carried out in each specialized areas: core, thermal-hydraulics and safety, mechanics and components and man-machine interface system (MMIS). Throughout the technology validation project, 15 technical reports were generated and reviewed by the regulatory body in support of the SMART SDA. Results of the project were provided as technical basis for the SMART SDA.

The following validation tests were carried out by using the related test facilities:

  • Fuel Performance Test
  • CHF(Critical Heat Flux) Measurement Test
  • Separate Effect Test
  • VISTA (Verification by Integral Simulation of Transients and Accidents)
  • Digital Main Control Room Validation

Fuel Performance Test

CHF Measurement Test

Separate Effect Test


Digital Main Control Room Validation

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