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Training for BOP Technologies (Example)

1. General

The training program was made based on BOP of large-scaled nuclear power plant (APR-1400) of Korea, and mainly consists of classroom training and on-the-job training.

Training Objective

The main objective of these training services is to establish the knowledge infrastructure for the Customer personnel in BOP technologies in order for the Customer to fulfill the followings:

  • Have capabilities to perform project management in future
  • Enhance expertise and capacity to enter global nuclear market
  • Enable to realize localization in all the fields of nuclear power plant project such as license, design & engineering, manufacturing, construction, operation & maintenance, fuel, etc.

Language of Training

The language to be used throughout the training is English.

Teaching Materials

Each trainee receives teaching materials for the training courses. The teaching materials serve as a guide through the training and consist of specific materials designed for the training, plus other training related documents.
The teaching materials are in the English language.

Period of Training

Training will be performed for five (5) weeks (from Monday to Friday).

Training per day will be performed for seven (7) hours from 09:00 to 17:00 including eighty (80) minutes of lunch time from 12:40 to 14:00.

Each classroom training will consist of 100 minutes’ lecture plus 20 minutes’ recess.


The SMART Power will monitor the attendance of all the trainees. No makeup classes will be provided if the trainees miss the class.
Daily records to log the attendance of the trainees and the performance of the training shall be kept and signed by the SMART Power’s training representative and reported to the Customer.

Training Facilities

The Customer shall provide the trainees with necessary training facilities such as proper classrooms, air-conditioning, electricity, chairs, desks, LCD projector, screens, white board, related office materials, etc.

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