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Development History

SMART (System-integrated Modular Advanced ReacTor) is an integral-type small reactor, developed by KAERI (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) after 19 years of research since 1997. It received the first-ever Standard Design Approval (SDA) from Korean regulatory body for a 100 MWe (330 MWt) integral reactor in 2012.

SMART generates only a tenth of a large nuclear plant (over 1,000 MWe), but since it is an integral-type reactor, it has enhanced the inherent safety by containing major components such as pressurizer, steam generator, and reactor coolant pumps in a single reactor pressure vessel. It was designed especially for export and can supply a city with a population of 100,000 with 90 MW electricity and 40,000 tons of fresh water per day concurrently.

Described below is the brief history of the SMART development.


Conceptual Design of NSSS

  • Conceptual design : Reactor core, primary system, and structural components
  • Basic thermos-hydraulic test : Heat transfer with nitrogen gas, natural convection performance test
  • Mock-up fabrication & feasibility study : Steam generator cassette, control rod drive mechanism, and reactor coolant pump

Basic Design of NSSS

  • Establishment of design methodologies and computer codes system
  • Preliminary safety analysis : Substantiation of the overall integrity of the reactor systems
  • Design for an optimal coupling of the desalination system with SMART

Development of SMART-P

  • SMART-P(SMART pilot plant, 1/5 scale) : Detailed design including fuel and BOP
  • Technology validation test : High-temperature & high-pressure hydraulic test, pressurizer heat transfer test, and SG tube and fuel cladding material
    corrosion evaluation test
  • Safety analysis for construction and operation license

Pre-Project Service

  • Economic feasibility study
  • Up-rated design to 660MWt : Attempt to enhance technical completeness through evaluation of licensability, and maintenance efficiency

Technology Validation & Standard Design Approval (SDA)

  • Standard design for SMART
  • Separate/integral effect & performance tests : About 20 technology validation tests
  • Design methodologies & computer codes validation
  • SDA acquisition

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