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SMART Power Company was originally established to commercialize and export SMART reactor. We have successfully completed our tasks on SMART PPE (Pre-project Engineering) project three years and build on our sound specialist know-how in SMR. Based on technical expertise and global networks with world leading engineering consulting companies, we expand our services to dismantling & decommissioning, Engineering consulting including international employee deployment & staffing and training services. We can provide you with reliable and personal support throughout the entire project process. We are smart power company.


[2020.08.13] 김두일 사장, 한국원자력학회 제26대 평의원 선출

당사 대표이사인 김두일 사장께서 산업계 대표로 한국원자력학회 제26대 평의원으로 선출되었습니다.  제26대 평의원의 임기는 2020년 9월 1일부터 2022년 8월 31일까...

[2020.07.24] SMART Power, successfully submitted “SMR Licensing Advisory Report...

In earlyJuly, SMART Power successfully submitted SMR licensing advisory report to UNIST.The report is a part of national R&D project for developing new nuclea...

[2020.07.24] SMR 인허가 자문결과 보고서 제출

당사가 울산과학기술원에서 수행 중인 연구과제인 "핵연료ㆍ무교체 전수명 초소형 원자로 개념설계 핵심기술 개발연구"와 관련하여 진행한 "SMR 인허가 자문"에 대한 결과 ...

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