What is SMART?

SMART (System-integrated Modular Advanced ReacTor) is a small-sized integral reactor that generates a rated thermal power of 330 MW. It can produce 100 MW of electricity, or 90 MW of electricity and 40,000 tons of desalinated water concurrently, which is enough for 100,000 residents.

After its 15-year development, Standard Design Approval (SDA) for SMART was issued on July 4, 2012 by the Korean Nuclear Safety and Security Commission (NSSC). This marks the first license for an integral-type reactor in the world. SMART will open up the world’s small-reactor market with its greatly enhanced safety, competitive economics, diversified utilizations, and proven technologies.

Who needs SMART ?

By successfully obtaining SDA, SMART has become the most advanced small integral reactor technology in the world, and the only integral reactor that can be currently built. SMART is expected to open up the world’s small reactor market and will take the leading initiative in the development of related technologies.
SMART, with its enhanced safety and attractive
economical design, will open up the new markets to replace expensive, environmentally unfriendly fossil power plants for electricity, steam and water production, and will become an alternative to large nuclear power plants.


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News on SMART

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