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SMART Plant Supply Chain Workshop held
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SMART Plant Supply Chain Workshop held



- SMART Power Co., Ltd. and Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute hosted one-day workshop for the suppliers of SMART Plant.

- Introduced SMART project in Saudi Arabia and the processfor registration to Smart Power Co., Ltd. as a vendor for SMART Plant.

- More than 200 participants from over 100 potential suppliers joined the workshop


(Nov. 11, 2016 Seoul) SMART Power Co., Ltd. (SPC) and Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) jointly held one-day workshop for Korean suppliers for SMART Plant on Nov. 10 at Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam Hotel in Seoul, Korea. During the workshop,SPC, KAERI, K.A.CARE and KEPCO E&C introduced SMART projects in Saudi Arabia, and the process for registration to SPC as vendor for SMART Plant.


SPC is the corporation with responsibility of exporting and constructing SMART(System-integrated Modular Advanced ReacTor) developed by KAERI. It was established in December, 2014 in purpose of commercializing SMART. Standard Design Approval (SDA) for SMART was officially obtained on July 4, 2012 from Nuclear Safety and Security Commission (NSSC) in Korea.


After the issue of SDA, safety and reliability of SMART has been continuously improved. As a result, MOU for the export of SMART was signed between Korea and Saudi Arabia in March, 2015. Also, in September, SMART Pre-Project Engineering(PPE) agreement was signed between KAERI and King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (K.A.CARE) of Saudi Arabia.


It is expected that SPC is going to start construction of SMART FOAK(First-of-a-Kind) plant units 1 & 2 around 2019 when the design of SMART by PPE agreement will be completed. “Successful completion of SMART FOAK plant will lead to constructing more SMARTs, and we are sure that SMART will be the forerunner of the global SMR market.,” Josef Kim, CEO of SPC told during the SMART Plant Supply Chain Workshop held yesterday.


“The construction of nuclear plants is usually accompanied by the supply of materials & equipment. In this regard, we wished to provide Korean suppliers with the information on SMART technology and the materials & equipment necessary for the construction of SMART in Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, we will also provide the same information to Saudi Arabian suppliers in the near future,” said Josef Kim.


The purpose of this event was to introduce the SMART technology and the plan of materials & equipment supply chain establishment, and to provide a place where Korean suppliers can discuss about technical cooperation with SPC, KAERI,and KEPCO E&C. Through this event, the participants were provided with basic information on SMART, materials & equipment for SMART, and requirements to be registered as supplier candidates, and shared vision and knowledge about the future SMRs market in the world.






< Opening address by Josef Kim, CEO of SMART Power Co., Ltd. >




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